Frequently Asked Questions

You can use the floor as carpet, parquette and elevated floor.

The Fair Area is not very healthy in Turkey. Wall and floor balance is unstable, therefore we generally make grid floor with a ridge of 7 cm, also known as podium floor. We generally make styrofoam under the parquette, which will smooth out the lower floor.

We can make the logos in the form of signboard at the top point. We can make logos from led styrofoam, logos from plexy or even add fluorescent lighting in the body of 10 cm as the interior lighting and make the vinyl stretch on it, which will seem very elegant.

We can make the potexes in 60x70x40 from wood in 3 or 2 pieces from the bottom to the top. When you put it towards the corridor, those passing by the booth can see them easily.

It is established by passing 8mm melamine coared chipboard plates into aluminum profiles. It does not a strong structure, but it mounted in a way to represent you as a brand.

If your materials are heavy, it is impossible. It must be chipboard of 18mm and if it is too big, we must coat double chipboard or iron constrcution in the interior part.


Booths are in 3 parts :

  • Modular
  • Maxima
  • Wooden
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